Uprise Roster

The following is a list of the projects currently on our roster. Click the links below to find more information regarding music and project bio’s.


Project: Advance 44 Description: Musical style consists of a dynamic blend of trance, ambient textures, and drum and bass.


Project: Consulate Description: A Drum & Bass project consisting of the members of Advance 44.


Project: Global Armaments Description: Massive Beats Technology what more needs to be said…


Project: Lightfield Description: Focuses on textures derived from techno, trance, and house creating an intense sound that carries the listener onto a higher plane.


Project: Generator Description: Coming soon…


Project: Resource Description: Highly experimental in nature, this band forges unique sounds to create an ultra-sensory experience.


Project: Shadow Bloc Description: A joint project between Advance 44 and D-Region focusing on distinctive and dynamic Drum & Bass sound.