Global Armaments

Global Armaments Biography:

Global Armaments have been producing music since their inception in 1998 . Beginning under their original name Aggressor, the duo of Generator (Advance 44) and Boom Masta (Resource) refined their music, influenced by the sounds of techno and trance, resulting in a unique blend of hard house undertones infused with deep trance melodies, energetic beats and pulsating bass lines.

Their first release Navitas (released 2002) would feature three songs showcasing the dynamics of their sound. The followup release Aftermath (2006) would feature three more tracks, refining their writing style whilst exploring elements of modern trance. Following the release of Aftermath, the duo would begin a lengthy and fastidious undertaking, leading to the development of Massive Beats Technology™. With this new arsenal in hand, they would then move to begin production on the JPC Initiative (2010) and re-brand to the Global Armaments title, focusing on the style and sound of progressive house. Back in the studio at the end of 2012, armed with the latest Massive Beats Technology™, Global Armaments intends to continue on the path of sonic exploration and innovation.


Sound Clips:

Navitas by Global Armaments