Consulate Biography:

Consulate brings the two members, Jason Boyer and Adrian Lifeson, of Advance 44 into a Drum and Bass project.

Consulate’s sound takes elements of their Advance 44 works and infuses them into Drum and Bass. Using trance and techno elements the end result is lush, driving and dynamic, with the end goal to always to create something engaging and immsersive.

To find more background on this project please see the Advance 44 page.

Sound Clips:

Truce by Consulate


Equipment List:

Software: Logic Pro, Reason, Access Virus Indigo TDM, ImpOSCar.

Synthesisers: Quasimidi Ravolution, Polymorph, Access Virus B & Indigo, Korg Z1 X 2, Wavestation, EA-1, ER-1, MS-2000, MS-20 X 2, MS-10, Korg tape delay, Emu E4XT Ultra X 2, Orbit, X-treme Lead, Waldorf Q X 2, Roland MC-505, XV5080, Alesis S4, Yamaha TX-7 X 2.

Filters/Effects: Waldorf 4-Pole and X-Pole, Midiverb, GP-100, assorted FX pedals.

Monitoring: Sota 150’s.