May 28/09

After taking longer than expected our studio is back online, time for more beats! Expect some new material this summer. Updates to follow.


Oct 27/08

Yes it’s been a while since news updates, but we’re still alive. Uprise has made a major renovation at our studio hence the delays on new material and releases. We should be up and running soon with some new works. Stay tuned.


Dec 28/07

Unreleased Resource track titled “Das Beat” now available.


Dec 10/07

Happy holidays to all! From the staff at Uprise Records.


Oct 10/07

Global Armaments’ Massive Beats Technology┬« trademark is now officially registered.


Sept 20/07

Contact ep release “Contact” now available on iTunes, Rhapsody, and Sony Connect!


Sept 5/07

After some down time in the summer, Uprise begins on some new material from Contact and Aggressor. Stay tuned for more updates.


Apr 21/07

To go directly to the Navitas release on Rhapsody click here!


Apr 9/07

Global Armaments’ Navitas release is now in iTunes stores, Rhapsody, and Sony Connect!


Feb 10/07

Stay tuned for an update on Global Armaments’ Navitas release in the iTunes stores.


Jan 5/07

Happy new year to all our supporters! Stay tuned as some new tracks are coming soon from the Uprise roster.


Oct 24/06

Global Armaments prepares for their next album launch “Aftermath” scheduled for Q4 2006.


Sept 25/06

Global Armaments releases it’s latest tracks titled “Seeker Reborn”.


Sept 24/06

New tracks from Contact are in the works. Stay tuned for more info and uploads!


Aug 19/06

Advance 44 has completed a podcast off of their releases.


Aug 4/06

Resource has two new tracks for download “Tail Feather Trail” and “Fly High”


July 25/06

Resource has completed a podcast of their “EP1” release.


July 22/06

2 New tracks from Aggressor are soon to arrive. The deployment of Massive Beats Technology has been authorized! Stay tuned…


June 14/06

Contact would like to thank everyone for a great show and a great night at Empire! Some images will be up soon, come back shortly to have a look.


June 2/06

Global Armaments has completed a podcast of the “Navitas” release.


May 23/06

Contact will be performing live at Empire in Toronto, June 10th 2006. Hope to see you all there.


May 5/06

Uprise Records will soon have music available through the iTunes store. Details to follow soon.


April 25/06

Uprise records has begun production on a podcast which will feature more music from our roster. Stay tuned for a release date!


April 30/06

Uprise Records begins a major update to the website.


July 3rd/05

Advance 44 threw down a killer set at Darkrave. Thanks to everyone who was there and for those who weren’t, our beats will come for you!


June 4/05

Stay tuned for some upcoming single releases that will be available for download here on the uprise records artist pages.


May 17/05

Darkrave v.65

Advance 44 to play Darkrave on Saturday July 2nd 2005



Global Armaments begins a new campaign “Operation Pound for Pound”, deploying some of the largest amounts of massive beats technology to date. Updates to follow…



New Contact tracks available for download



Darkrave v.44

Advance 44 to play at Darkrave v.44



WARNING: Kleansor by Advance 44 will be released soon to ensure your aural destruction.



Global Armaments deploys their massive beats technology in two tracks: Phat Friday and Aftermath



New Advance 44 tracks now available for download:




Advance 44 threw down a killer set, thanks to everyone who was there!




Advance 44 makes their first appearance at Darkrave. Much thanks to all that were there!