Uprise Records is based out of Toronto, Canada. Our roster of projects produce music covering several styles of electronic music ranging through trance, house, drum and bass, and ambient.

Founded in 1998, Uprise Records was launched as a gateway for a collaboration of electronic musicians based out of the Toronto area. Since then, Uprise has slowly increased it’s roster, preferring quality over quantity. This has lead to a roster that contains a collective of projects featuring the likes of; Shadow Bloc, Lightfield and Advance 44. From Darkraves, to Dubai, to the Ultra Music Festival, Uprise Records has had the pleasure of working with artists of several genres and styles.

New productions or remixes, we look forward to our future projects, while continuing our devotion to producing music that pushes the boundaries of electronic music.  Available on the site are links to Soundcloud from our artists, as well as biographies.  Please check back often for the latest news and new downloads.

More information on individual projects can be found in the Artists section of the site. To contact any of our artists, please see the communicate page on the site.